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How to install Turbo C++

 Step 1   Download Turbo C++ 3.2 from here or from right side bar download button.
 Step 2  If any previous "Turbo C++" version install in your computer, then first of all uninstall that.              
 Step 3  Extract downloaded "Turbo C++ 3.2.zip" file.
 Step 4  Run "setup.exe" file.
 Step 5  Follow the setup instructions.

How to use Turbo C++

Step 1 Double click on "Turbo C++" shortcut link on the desktop.
Step 2 If you want run turbo c++ on full screen simply click on button "Run Turbo C++"
Step 3 "OR" If you not want full screen mode uncheck the "Full screen mode" check box and click on button "Start Turbo C++"

Full Screen Mode -


Window Mode-


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